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What you see above is my original “bio,” which occupied this page for over a year. I keep it here because I think it is important for you to see where this blog began. When I wrote those words, I had serious ambition for A Style Study. With favorite sites like Cupcakes & Cashmere and Man Repeller as a model, I had visions of my bog turning into a bona fide business.


But a lot happens in a year. I still have big plans for this space, but they are more…intimate. Nowadays, I think of my blog as a public diary, a place of me to share my latest musings and inspirations. Sometimes this means fashion show coverage (you can follow my personal style here), and sometimes this means getting real about issues like stress and personal growth. My main concern is that A Style Study is the best reflection of who I am. If I feel this space authentically represents me, than I will have won.

One more thing: I’m positively thrilled to have you here. As I said above, I hope that A Style Study brings you the same joy it brings me each day. If you’re interested in reaching out, drop me note at I’d love to chat.


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  1. Hey Olivia !
    Just a little Hy form your new French friend !
    Just wanted to tell you that I’ve read some of your article and I’ve really liked it !


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