5 Ways To Break Out of a “Blah” Day

Blah. Med. Down. Off. There’s a multitude of adjectives— real and imagined— to describe how I was feeling last Sunday. Even though I wasn’t working, I still caught my own cause of the “Sunday Scaries,” and felt totally zapped of motivation and positivity. After a few hours in a stupor, however, I eventually fell back on my Blah Day Emergency Kit, or a list of time-honed strategies for digging myself out of a little rut. I’m sharing that list here today, so you can save the link,  print it out, pass it on…and be sure to consult next time you’re in need of a lift yourself. 🙂

The “Blah” Day Emergency Kit

// S H O W E R

While I’m not a huge bath person, I can speak to the restorative properties of a good shower. Whether it’s a quick rinse in the late afternoon or a jump-starting scrub in the early a.m., a few minutes under the shower head can do wonder for your mood.

// G E T  D R E S S E D

I know, I know: On days when you wake up feeling “less -then,” the last thing you want to do is spend energy to look presentable. Trust me, however, when I say that even swapping your sweats for jeans will make you feel 10x better. A little mascara/a hair brush never hurt either…

// G O  W A L K

Walks are kind of a new thing for me, but i’m totally sold. Whenever I’m feeling particularly “meh,” a loop to town and back helps me snap right out of it.

// W R I T E  I T  D O W N

Old advice, but good advice! If you’re caught in a sticky mindset, try writing. It doesn’t have to be a full journal entry or essay or anything formal, either: Some of my favorites practices include gratitudes lists and memory recording!

// T A C K L E  A  C H A L L E N G E

Now that you’re dressed (;)), try to rally some motivated towards addressing a task you’ve been putting off. Been procrastinating cleaning your room? Send an overdue email? Start from there, and watch your mood and productivity surge.

. . .

How do you combat “blah” days? Any tricks I should add to my little kit?


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