(Almost) Effortless Mashed Chickpea Salad

Summer is a weird time for cooking. I mean, for all the magazines raving about perfect barbecue menus and inventive fruit pies, the soul-sucking heat totally zaps my desire to get chopping (don’t even mention turning on the oven). With that said, I recently noticed how much I missed trying new recipes, and made it my goal to unearth a few quick, easy dishes to get myself back behind the counter. A few scrolls through Pinterest later, and here we are: a mashed chickpea salad, inspired by this recipe from The Simple Veganista. Not only does this meal take minutes to throw together, but it’s also versatile, and can fill up a heart sandwich just as easily as it tops of the salads you see here. The best part, though? Like most of the best concoction, this combo only gets better with age.

Want to whip up some mashed chickpea salad for yourself? Find the recipe below!

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 5.04.26 PM.png . . .

Have you made any new recipes lately? Any gems I should know about?


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