Internet Gems No. 1


Dear readers,

I am writing this post in my bedroom with the door shut in an effort to find some plausible relief via air-conditioning. As I’m sure I don’t need to tell many of you, it’s been H-O-T this week. And because the whole sun-plus-humidity aesthetic isn’t really my taste (I think Fitzgerald’s descriptions of the New York heat wave in Gatsby should come with trigger warnings), I’ve been spending most of my evenings indoors, reading mostly, but also exploring the Interwebs. Couple my current activity— or lack thereof?— with the realization that I haven’t done a “Week in Review” round-up in a hot minute, and you’ve got the formula for today’s post: Internet Gems, otherwise known as the food for thought (and stomach) that I’ve come across in the past few weeks, and want to share with you here. So, to find out where my brain is at with all things dressing, eating, breathing, and living, see the below…

// dress

I’m so excited to hear Troian Bellasario speak at HerConference next weekend! Here’s a fun round-up of some of her best style moments.

You heard me rave about Rodarte’s spring 2018 collection last week…but did I mention Proenza Schouler’s outing? Also to die, as always.

Business of Fashoin at it again with the ten best fashion films of the season. Put these vids on repeat to set a serious “vibe.”

// eat

Current Cupcakes & Cashmere editor (and former Food52 gal!) Leslie’s favorite cookbooks make me want to expand my library!

Dying to whip up this tahini and eggplant pasta salad that’s perfect for a plant-based summer meal.

Also intrigued by this turmeric banana pancake recipe…any thoughts before I take the plunge?

// travel

I’ll be living on the Upper West Side in just a few short months, and these sights around (even more uptown) Washington Heights seem like the perfect campus escape.

The best yoga studios in eight New York neighborhoods. I’ve been to Y7, and am desperate to try Skyting!

Okay, not really “travel,” per se, but this downtown wedding got my heart a flutter.

// inspire

Miranda Kerr makes the case for yoga in her latest cover shoot.

Introvert doodles gets me like no other.

I watched 20th Century Women on the plane two weeks ago. Here’s writer/culture connoisseur Emma Gannon’s take on the film.

// breathe

Katie Horwitch’s honest advice for meaningful socialization as an introvert is a must-read.

What several years of waitressing taught this writer.

Weighing yourself? Let’s discuss.

// live

Recently found and am loving the Youtube channels of sisters Bethany and Audrey. From dessert taste-testing to artful vlogs, their content is not to be missed!

No doubt one of my favorite places on the web is GAL, which spotlights women and the books they read. So proud of the team for running a successful Kickstarter this summer, and surpassing their goal this week! Cannot wait to see what’s in store for them.

Tips on how to match your workout to your mood, aka seriously good advice for when you have no idea whether to hit the pavement or whip out the hand weights.

. . .

What’ve you found on the Internet lately? Drop your favorite scoop below!


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