The Unfollowing

We live in an era of excess. I mean, looking around, there’s just a lot– and I’m not just talking about super-sized drinks and mega Home Depots, either. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve felt incredibly bogged down by all the stuff bursting not only from my closet and dresser, but also my phone and computer screens. After doing my social media cleanse this spring, in particular, I noticed how my Instagram feed was clogged with photos either from obscure accounts I couldn’t remember following, or else personal updates that fueled bad cases of FOMO. The content wasn’t “bad,” per se, but I couldn’t help wishing that my social media consumption was a bit more inspirational. Still, I kept on passively scrolling away, the blue light glow overpowering my lack of interest.

Fast-foreward a bit to my sojourn to San Francisco last week, and something snapped. It sounds silly but being in SF, soaking up the energy of a new city empowered me to reject the staleness of my online experience. Before heading out to dinner, I unfollowed fifty-plus Instagram accounts. Now, I know that the “unfollow” (hello, Bella and the Weeknd) is something of a controversial act, so I want to clarify that I didn’t tap that button out of malice. Rather, I was making a conscious decision to consume more of the content that serves me- be that through fashion, art, spirituality, or just plain funny stuff- and less of what doesn’t. I’d say it’s not personal, but I guess it kind of is, in a way, 100% personal to me.

Obviously, if I want to truly create a more genuine and streamlined existence, I can’t stop at Instagram. As I write this, I’m about to unsubscribe from the email newsletters I never open. Again, just another way I’m trying to execute some control over what I see, read, and interact with. Away from the digital side of things, I’m also planning on selling several items of clothing before the end of summer. Jury’s still out on when exactly I’ll get that done, but I already feel a sense of relief after removing those pieces from my closet. After my wardrobe clean-out, I’m hoping to tackle other areas of my life, namely my mess of papers and folders and my magazine “collection.”

I will never be a minimalist. Deep down, I know I am far too sentimental/object-oriented to ever whittle my belongings down Kondo-style. With that said, I am also the last personal to tolerate feeling overwhelmed in any situation. If hitting the “unfollow” button and selling some clothes is what it takes to make my life feel a bit more centered, than I’m totally there.

Just don’t touch my bookshelf.

Seriously. Don’t. 😉

. . .

Have any of you been feeling “excess fatigue” in parts of your life? How have you been combatting it/trimming back?


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