Rodarte Dreamin’

Ever since I came back from the West Coast, my brain’s been caught in a haze of romantic, Summer of Love-style aesthetic musings. Some call it jet lag, I call it my latest obsession. Lucky for me 1967 predecessors, however, I can pass over the mind-bending substances and head straight towards Rodarte’s Spring 2018 collection for a jolt of inspiration. Presented on Sunday amidst the couture schedule in Paris, designer-sister duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s latest offering struck a moving balance between billowing beauty and dark edges just daring to be pricked. Case in point? The diaphanous gowns disciplined with metallic belts, or else the ruffled leather pieces pierced with grommets. Oh, and we can’t forget the baby’s breath, which graced the runway as headpieces, cuffs, shawls, and, at one point, a face-ensconcing mane.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 4.58.47 PM.png


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