20 Facts About My Body

A couple months ago, YouTuber Cat Valdez posted a video in which she shared twenty facts about her body. From pointing out a mole on her eyelid to cellulite on her thighs, I found Cat’s nonchalant, “what’s-up-this-is-me” tone to be a total refresher from the everyday discourse on body image. And while I might not be at Cat’s level of candor quite yet, I wanted to contribute to the conversation by sharing my own set of “body facts.” Those of you who read my post on a few weeks ago know that body image is a huge, often glaring factor in my life. By sharing this little tidbits with you, I hope to inspire both myself and others to accept their form, no matters what shape(s) it may take.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.54.31 PM

1. I have permanent calluses on my right middle finger from years of gripping my pencils too hard.

2. When I’m crying, my eyes are bright blue. The rest of the time, they’re hazel.

3. My legs and feet are covered in scars and bruises. How they get there remains a mystery.

4. I have freckles on my chest that were not there last summer.

5. I have really vein-y hands and feet.

6. I have a lot of hair on my arms.

7. …and on my head. My hair is naturally thick and a bit frizzy.

8. My skin is very delicate. If I rest my chin in my hands, I will have a handprint on my face for the next few hours.

9. My feet are a size seven.

10. I have an astigmatism, or an abnormal round curvature, in my left eye.

11. My hips are sensitive, and sometimes pop halfway out of their sockets.

12. I have a white hair that grows out a pore on my forehead, and needs to be cut every few weeks.

13. I am 5 feet and 1/4 inches tall (short…?).

14. My stomach had rolls— many of them!

15. My spring is pretty straight, but I’m getting a computer hunch in my shoulders.

16. I struggled with my skin for a long time, and still have lots of scars on my face.

17. When I smile, my upper lip curls up so you can barely see it.

18. You can still see the outline of a farmer’s tan I got almost four years ago.

19. I had braces for 2 years, but a few of my front teeth still overlap a tiny bit.

20. My thighs are naturally round, and swell when I exercise.

. . .

Your turn! Write a list of 20 facts about your body. You don’t have to share it, but take the time to be with your body. Look at it. Think about it. Love it.


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