Where I’m At With Blogging

It’s crazy to believe that I’m coming up on three years of blogging. Looking back, not only am I a different person in the literal sense- I was a rising sophomore then, I’m an almost-graduate now; I spent that summer riding horses and playing tennis, I’m spending this summer working- but I’ve also changed in more internal ways. When I think about the girl who started A Style Study in July 2014, I recognize her the way you might recall a childhood landmark: familiar, but detached and mysterious at the same time. One of many great things about having this blog, in fact, is that it allows me to go back in time, to read old posts and rediscover who I was three years, two years, even two months ago.

Given that A Style Study is in many ways an extension of myself, it’s not surprising that my own personal shifts and changes bleed through these (digital) pages. Three years ago, for example, I was convinced that my future lay in fashion. I actually opened my WordPress account with the intention of practicing writing runway reviews, and becoming more well-versed in industry jargon. Today, you’ll notice that A Style Study covers pretty much everything, from fashion to personal musings like this. Part of the reason for this is that, in many ways, I was more sure of myself tat 15 than I am now. Convictions, I’m slowly realizing, are actually more of a youthful indulgence. The more I experience, the more I come to believe that it’s simply not realistic to be convinced of much- be that your career path, school plans, or sociological beliefs. Rather, isn’t it more advantageous to remain open to all the lessons and truth the world showers on us daily? As someone just dipping their toe into “adulting,” I like to think this is true.

Another change that’s flickered on and off across A Style Study’s homepage is the amount of content. I started this blog hard and fast, determined to churn out updates every day, sometimes twice a day. At first I cut back on posting out of sheer time constraints, plus a desire to craft higher quality posts. Over the past few months, however, I started to feel my desire to create content dwindle. Call it senior year growing pains, but something about this space felt outgrown, or inauthentic to the person I was becoming. You might compare it to the feeling of growing out of clothes without physically outgrowing them, if you know what I mean.

But just like we can’t ditch our old wardrobes and but entirely new items like that (snaps), I don’t have the resources to overhaul this space into something more “Olivia rn.” And you know what? It. Doesn’t. Matter. What matters is that I have a space to share my passions and thoughts, a place where people like you can read and interact with what me.

So, to resolve the title of this post, or “where I’m at with blogging”? Truth is, I don’t know. What kind of content do I want to focus on? Do I want to keep a regular schedule? Do I want to add more angles? Yep, no clue. What I do know, however, is that blogging is one of the most positive things in my life. I’d be lost without this platform, and I want/need it to remain part of my life, whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month. I’m going to keep followingthe subjects that strike me, so be prepared for the usual mish-mash of everything from heart spills to shopping wish lists. As usual, if there’s anything you’re dying to see, shoot some recs my way.

 All in all, I suppose the purpose of this post was to say that the caterpillar that is A Style Study hasn’t quite burst into the beautiful butterfly- it’s still wrestling in the cocoon. And I’m cool with that, because the cocoon is a pretty great place to be. 🙂


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