Week in Review


Keeping this Week in Review short’n sweet today. Currently typing this form my bed, after enjoying some extra free time during Senior Skip Day. After a very broken-up school schedule the past few weeks, I’m realizing that the “day off” life is something I could get used to… 😉

. . .

Kinda intrigued by “Human Design” after reading this feature on GOOP. Any thoughts?

My dad sent me this article on body language mistakes yesterday (should I be taking hint?). #6 and #7 surprised me!

Psyched about the Cupcakes and Cashmere Shop! My first must-buy is probably these candles

I’m not much of a DIY-er, but this umbrella project makes me want to try!

I’m obsessed with everything on Lisa Says Gah, so I loved The Messy Heads’ interview with the shop’s founder!

Lastly, I loved Katie’s reflection on GOODfest and her stance in the wellness world.


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