Don’t Look Back

Call me a romantic, but I truly believe that the universe is serendipitous place. More specifically, that the “forces that be” send us the messages we need, right when we need them most. Take this past Sunday, for example, when I went PureYoga West for Jordan Younger’s yoga workshop. About midway through the class, Jordan led the class through sequence that had us “flying” from standing split back to crescent lunge. Every time I went through the transition felt like a true “yogic” moment, as my physical and mental being pulsed with thrill, pride when my toes touched the ground, peace, and trust. I didn’t need to look behind me as my lifted foot tilted back to the met below, because I knew that my body could do it.

In order to communicate the power of the above moment, I should mention that the day I’d been having thus far was, well, miserable. In the hours before I left for the workshop, my mind was ping-ponging between agonizing over AP tests, final project, extracurriculars, etc. If my mom hadn’t been there to get my act together, I probably would have curled up in a ball and never left my room. And if I’d done that, than I would have missed the incredible lesson waiting for me in that 105-degree room…

In every situation, be it a final exam or a yoga flow, the obstacle is not a lack of ability. Rather, the only road block is our (read: my) own lack of belief that makes us second-guess. We’re always going to wobble a little bit, we’re going to fall sometimes, but we are never without the power to get back up. Taking in this realization on Sunday showed me that, at this point in my high school career, I know how to do what I need to do. I know what study methods work best for me, I know how to prioritize, I know not to forget No. 2 pencils on test day. I can do it, and I will do it! All that’s left is to believe I can.

Do you ever struggle with self-belief? What lessons or mantras do you use to build yourself back up?

P.S. Check out a similar post reflecting on my 30-day yoga challenge!


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