5 Tips for Relieving Overwhelm


It’s the end of April, aka the time of year when stress about final exams, projects, and APs sets in. My school schedule means that I’ve actually been in “finals mode” for about a month, but even I’m experiencing a surge of anxiety as I enter the home stretch. In my effort not to completely loose it under the pressure, I spent the past few weeks developing a “toolkit” of strategies to keep me grounded (read: sane). In the hopes of helping you find so relief as well, I’m publishing my tips in full here today, starting with…

No. 1: Make a game plan

Lately I’ve found it helpful to write make a list of my homework/school tasks on Post-It that I stick on my desk. This “hack” is separate from my regular to-do list, and helps me stay on target without getting overwhelmed by one giant list.

No. 2: Move! (Preferably outdoors)

One of my biggest loves lately is going for long runs right after school. Something about being outside and just g-o-i-n-g (with good music, obvs) cleanses my mind and puts me in a better mindset for hitting the books.

No. 3: Decompress your mind

When I went on my Insta/FB cleanse last week, I started taking breaks by reading as opposed to staring at my phone. Not only was I making up for reading time I’m currently loosing before bed, but I swear I felt my mind settle down with each turn of the page.

No. 4: Clean up your space

A cluttered space breeds a cluttered mind, folks. If you have a few minutes or need a quick study break, try rearranging your desk space, clearing up papers, organizing your folders, etc. You’d be amazing how much- both mental and physical- you’ll discover.

No. 5: Inhale, exhale

Confession: I used to hate it when my mom told me to “breathe,” but I’ve started to realize how on-point her advice was (as always). When I’m feeling iffy, I practice mindful breathing by imagine two arms stretching from my heart and my hand. With each breathe, I “feel” the hands getting closer until they touch. Weird, but it works!

. . .

What are your favorite ways to relieve overwhelm? Does your list resemble mine, or are your strategies completely different? Share in the comment below, take some ideas from above…then go get stuff done!


One thought on “5 Tips for Relieving Overwhelm

  1. You’ve got this Liv! Try to take in these last few weeks to enjoy these last days of high school – it will be over before you know it!


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