Week in Review


As of this afternoon, I have exactly three weeks of school left. While it’s crazy to think that my high school career is winding down, I’m also distracted by all the assignments and events I have coming up. In between doing projects and prepping for AP exams and finals, I’m gearing up for the Senior Barbecue (basically an outdoor mini-carnival for seniors at my school), the Senior Fashion Show, and Senior Dinner all in the next two weeks. It’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment, but I can’t wait to start celebrating the end of the year with my class. 🙂

What’re you up to the next few weeks?

. . .

What will border taxes mean for budding ethical fashion brands?

Anna Wintour is on the cover of Business of Fashion and I’m loving it.

Key running tips from Greatist.

Loved this reflection from a woman who went back to college at 34.

Coveting these chic brogues.

We could all use some advice on how to be more positive.

I related to this Man Repeller piece 100%.

New ideas for spiralizing? Yes, please!

I have a list a mile long of exhibits I want to hit up this spring, and the Irving Penn Centennial just shot up to the top.


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