Current Favorites // No. 2, Part 1

Happy Monday everybody! Apologies for the lack of posting last week- between an obscene amount of homework and a cold, the A Style Study HQ was not at 100%. But I’m so excited to be back today with a post I’ve been working on for weeks: my current favorites! I loved compiling my January favorites post earlier this year, so I’ve decided to make “Current Favorites” a regular feature on this blog. It might be monthly, semi-monthly…there’s no time frame here, just whenever the mood strikes. 🙂

Here we go, then: Current Favorites, No. 2. Part of why this post took me so long is because there is so. much. on this list. For that reason, I’ve split up this edition into two parts, with Part 2 coming on Wednesday. Here, you’ll find all my “dress” and “eat” loves. I’m biased, but I think there’s some seriously great stuff in here…ya might want to take notes ;).

. . .

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 7.00.57 PM.png

“Good Karma” pullover

I found this Spiritual Gangster pullover in a smoothie café/yoga studio in Savannah, and was so smitten I couldn’t help but return to buy it later. It’s super cozy, and I’m torn between wearing it 24/7 and “saving it” so it stays good as new!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my Madewell overalls. I’ve always struggled to find pants that fit me *just right*, so I was thrilled when this pair turned out to the right shape and super-comfortable. I’m already dying to wear them all summer…

Lively bras & bralettes

Real talk, guys: Uncomfortable underwear is kind of the worst. I’ve been following Lively on Instagram since their launch, so I couldn’t place an order once my old bras started wearing out a few weeks ago. I test-drove this bra style and this bralette, and they were game. changers. Seriously…10/10 would recommend. I’m already making a wish list for my next haul ;).

Sweaty Betty winter running gear

 I got my winter running pullover and lined leggings for Christmas, and they’ve been my Holy Grail for cold-weather runs. Not only are the pieces practically impenetrable, but they’re also super cozy. As someone who typically finds workout clothes uncomfortable, I can honestly say I’d be down to spend a day in these leggings!

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 7.02.22 PM.png

sriracha avo toast

I recently started dressing up my classic avo toast with a drizzle of sriracha, and I cannot. get. enough. I don’t know if I’m on a spice kick or what, but I swear the bottle in my cabinet is suddenly much emptier than it was a few short weeks ago…

dried apricots

Dried apricots were a go-to snack in my house when I was young, but then they disappeared for while (read: like, ten years). We picked up a box for our road trip down South, and the obsession is back in full force. I love munching on a handful whenever I need a quick pick-me-up, post-run recovery, or as a accompaniment to my dark chocolate in the evening.

One Part Plant chocolate chunk cookies

   I’ve been following podcaster/plant-based queen Jessica Murnane for around two years, and was thrilled when her debut cookbook arrived my door. Moist, sweet, and perfectly chunky, these cookies really are a plant-based version just like the Nestle break-and-bakes we all know and love!

. . .

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of “Favorites”! Be sure to check back in on Wednesday for Part 2. Between now and then: What’ve you been loving lately? Drop it in the comments below!


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