Vacation State of Mind

Happy Tuesday, folks- long time, no talk. I took some time off last week to enjoy a family trip down South. After a bit of back-and-forth over the winter, we finally decided to spend part of spring break in Savannah, Georgia, and I’m so glad we did. The city is gorgeous and everyone we met was lovely. We packed a lot into 3 days, but even so I can’t help but mentally plan a return trip.

 I came home from out trip (after a 13-hour car ride, no less) with my heart FULL in a way I haven’t felt in a while. This surprised me a bit, because even though I love traveling, the experience often awakens the worst symptoms of my anxiety. For that reason, to return feeling so satisfied let me know that, despite struggles that arise, I can visit new places, let go a bit, and have a wonderful time.

But while the end of our trip was definitely a happy moment, like the end of most vacations it also brought some serious sadness. Almost as soon as we pulled away from our hotel, I wanted to go back. Back to the palmetto-lined streets, the sunshine without snow glare, even my humid hotel room…I wanted everything basically, except my house, my surroundings, my life. In my post-vacation stupor, I’d forgotten my New Year’s commitment to creating more soukha, or “good place,” in my present situation. Flash-forward a few days, and I’m reminding myself that fun and happiness are not indulgences. Instead, they are the oxygen and hydrogen of live. Without them, it is impossible to breathe.

So here we are: I have several days of spring break left, and I’m planning on making the most of it. Whether those adventures include fostering new friendships, museum hopping, and or culinary experiments, it’s time I remember that enjoyment has no expiration date unless I give it one. 🙂

How’re you guys doing? Any fun and happiness on the agenda?


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