5 Instagrams That Inspire Me


I have a complicated relationship with social media (more on that another day). Branching off of that, something on my mind lately are the 825 accounts I follow on Instagram. As in, do these feeds- most of whom are from people I don’t know-  actually add something to my life? Do they inspire me? Motivate me? Make me feel bad?

Considering all of these questions helped me to hone in on which accounts detracted from my happiness, and which ones added to it. Because I love sharing what makes me tick with you guys, I couldn’t help but compile a list of the five Instagram accounts that are inspiring me in all the best ways, from funny excerpts to poetry.

. . .

LAUGHS // @overheardnewyork

I started following this account highlighting funny quotes overheard in New York City a few weeks ago, and it’s posts have had my LOL-ing ever since. Be sure to follow the latest “Overheard” branch, @overhearduniversity, for even more fun!

TRAVEL // @li0nsmane

I’m obsessed with all things Estée and Aslan, including both of their Instagrams. While they both have A+ feeds, Aslan’s takes the cake when it comes to aspiration travel snaps (the latest? Lisbon!).

GRLPWR // @femcollective

the fem collective only launched in December, but the ladies behind this ‘gram have already built an incredible community focusing on female empowerment, New York City, and creative, plant-based living. Want to flex your own artistic muscles? Keep an eye out for their monthly prompts!

POETRY // @alison.malee

I don’t remember how I found/followed Alison Malee’s account, but I’m so glad I did. Her moving prose- not to mention the striking illustrations- never fail to add some thoughtfulness to my feed.

ZEN // @buddhadoodles

Given the state of the world of the past few months, my Instagram feed is often lacking in positivity. Enter @buddhadoodles, which shares wisdom along with an adorable drawing of Buddha and his buddy the elephant. If you need a reason to smile, check out this account.

. . .

What are you favorite Instagram accounts? Share below, and we’ll swap. 🙂


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