A Sweet(date)heart Treat

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers. In the spirit of everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday (not sarcastic! I genuinely enjoy this day and all it’s CVS-ness.), I wanted to dedicate today’s post to something especially near and dear to my heart…


Yep, as much as I love kale and salmon and veggies, dessert has got to be my most favorite food group. And not just any desserts, mind you! No, I’m talking about glorious, dark chocolate-y indulgences that feel more luxurious than a plush robe. A bit sappy? Yeah, probably, but if I can’t wax poetic about dessert on Valentine’s Day, when can I?!

This might seem like a given, but part of my affection for dessert involves experimenting with new recipes to satisfy my culinary sweet tooth. Normally I veer towards cookies and blondies, but last week I decided to mix things up and whip up a concoction a bit outside of my comfort zone, aka Blissful Basil’s Chocolate-Covered Date Caramel Hearts.





Yeah. I know. As their title suggests, these goodies were/are (I recently devoured four) delicious. Not only that, but they require only a handful of ingredients (dates, coconut oil, melted chocolate) that you’re sure to have access to. Also fun was the customizable toppings bit at the end- I used dried cherries and pepitas, but flaked salt, other dried berries, and nuts would be great, also! Quick disclaimer though: I would say that the caramels are easy to assemble, but truth be told yours truly still has some of the sticky date mixture stuck under her nails.


Ready to be noshed right up!

As you can tell from the photos above, I’m set on enjoying my Valentine’s Day cuddled up with my history textbook and some caramel date hearts. What goodies are you celebrating with? Let me know so we can share the love below :).

See you on Thursday!


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