Manifestations // February

Everyone who feels as if January was the longest month ever, please say “ay.” I’m expecting a lot of you to be nodding along with me right now, because everyone I’ve talked to IRL agrees that January 1st feels like a lifetime ago. But while the last few weeks definitely took their sweet time, I’m actually not complaining about it. Looking back on the last month, I got a lot of stuff done. I finished the first semester on a high note, completed a yoga challenge, finished 5 books, and started working on my mission to find sukha or “good place” in my life. A lot of this stemmed from my manifestation to create my own fun, which I did through exercise, trying new things, and prioritizing the things I love. One of the best things that came out of the last month, no doubt, was that I finally started to feel inspired again to create more content for this site. I have a lot of fun posts coming up, so stay tuned (I mean it this time ;))!

So, yeah: January wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty darn good to me. Now, we’re forging ahead to February, the month in which I will be manifesting…


Yeah, I know. Did someone say cliché?! But my manifestations are all about following my intuition, this is where I’m lead to right now. Actually, I’m kind of obsessed with love right now. As in, how can we cultivate love within ourselves and radiate that out into the universe? Something I’ve been thinking about a lot when finding my sukha is how the energy I put out is reflected in my positive or negative interactions with others. A huge part of this idea, I think, is self-love. As I mentioned in my last post, I struggle with addressing myself from a positive place. All too often, I barrage myself with hateful thoughts about my behavior (“Why do you do that?! You’re so annoying.”), my body (“Wow, you are beyond out of shape.”), and even my future (“You’re a fake who will never accomplish anything.”). I’m lucky that I don’t have to deal with school bullies, and frankly I don’t need them- my own brain shoves my confidence into lockers just fine.

I’m tired of feeling this way. I’m tired of my thoughts reading like a burn book I wrote about myself. I am tired of living in a space so full of self-loathing. I does not service me. It makes me unhappy. So this February, I am getting all up in the clichés and vowing to spend 28 days focused on love(ing myself). To be honest, I have no idea where to start. Unlike creating my own fun, loving myself doesn’t really provide me with a list of things I already know “work.” So this is also a month of experimenting, seeing what does the job, what doesn’t, and (hopefully) getting a little closer to loving me, for me.

Do you struggle with self-love? I’d love to know your stories/tips in the comments (or shoot me an email, Other than that, what are you focusing on for February? All good things, I hope. 🙂


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