Candles to Buy, Like, Right Now

As I write this, I’m squished in my school library with my arms squished to my body in an attempt to keep warm. Alas, after enjoying some stunning weather last week winter is back in Tri-State. I can’t say I’m complaining, though, because the cold snap gives me the perfect opportunity to embrace my new passion for candles. That’s right, after a lifetime in the dark (sorry…) I’ve finally stumbled upon the soothing merits of a scented candles. The only reason I don’t have one burning every evening is because I’m afraid of using up the ones I already own. The only solution? A little candle shopping spree, hopefully with a cart featuring a few of the goodies I scouted below:

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Alex and Ani Schrat Candle // Soy Quartz Crystal Candle // ‘Honey’ Produce Candle // Sedona ‘Sand’ Candle // Nest Fragrance ‘Apricot Tea’ Candle // madewell x p.f. candle co.™ overalls candle // Good Natured Coconut Milk Mango Candle // Kate Spade ‘walk on air candle’ trio // Figuier ‘Fig Tree’ Mini Candle // Pineapple Scented Candle

Do you like candles? If so, what are your favorites?


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