Current Favorites // January 2017

Happy Friday everyone! We’re mixing things up a bit today with a round-up of little things I’ve been loving lately, aka my current favorites. One of my blogging goals for the new year is to create more personal/lifestyle content such as outfit posts, recipes, routines, etc. So let me know what you think of today’s post, and I’ll work on getting more ideas out in the future!

Onto today’s focus: I easily could’ve made my list of favorites 10x longer, but I really tried to hone in on newer additions to my repertoire of beauty, books, and more. As part of my January manifestation to create a “good place,” I’ve been really appreciating all the little details that make my life just *that much* better. I hope you enjoy! Now let’s get started…

// beauty

VSCO Cam-4.jpg

+ LUSH lotion +

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the winter weather has my skin super dry. I started this LUSH Cosmetics hand and body lotion to keep my hands from cracking (gross, I know), and it works great! I love that it’s soothing and smells amazing without being too thick and gloopy. Massaging it into my skin before bed is so therapeutic, as well.

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+ New eyeshadow palettes +

Call it a burst of New Years’ motivation, but lately I’ve been wearing eyeshadow more frequently. I’m definitely a neutral shade kinda girl, so I’ve had so much fun playing with the Tom Ford (L) and Bobbi Brown (R) palettes I picked up over the holiday. My favorite method? Swiping a paler shade on first, then topping it off with a light dusting of a metallic shade for a bit extra. 🙂

// books

VSCO Cam-5.jpg

+ Book Haul +

It wouldn’t be an A Style Study favorites round-up without some books, right? Last weekend I picked up Human Acts by Han Kang, Difficult Women by Roxane Gay, and How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. Thus far I’ve only started Difficult Women (I’m on a Roxane Gay binge right now), but I cannot wait to start the others! Also, if you’re looking for recommendations, be sure to check out my progress on Goodreads.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 8.29.40 PM.png+ In the Company of Women +

This. Book. Is. Gorgeous. I mean…just get a look at those images. For those of you who don’t know In the Company of Women is Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge’s second book that compiles interviews with female entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and all around amazing humans. The pages are a great combination of recognizable change makers (think: Christy Turlington-Burns) with lesser-known artisans and business owners. All in all, a beautiful celebration of the modern woman.

// etc.


+ ‘Take What You Need’ Jar +

How adorable is this ‘Take What You Need’ jar?! Inside are little coins with words like “inspiration,” “love,” and “confidence” engraved on them, aka the perfect trinket to tuck in your pocket each day. Today I grabbed “inspiration”…what would you reach for?

VSCO Cam-6.jpg

+ Quote Bracelets +

In the same vein as my “Take What You Need” jar, this week I’ve been obsessed with these quotes bangles I got for Christmas. I have three currently with motivational sayings from Louisa May Alcott, Ayn Rand, and Katherine Hepburn. It’s the best when I look down at my wrist and have these incredible women cheering me on. 🙂

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

Pride and Prejudice stick notes +

Again with the books, guys! Someone who knows me way to well gifted me with these Pride and Prejudice character sticky notes. I haven’t been able to use them yet…they’re just too cute! I love having them lined up on my desk to remind me to “take a turn about the room” at while I’m doing work.

. . .

So that’s what’s been making my world turn the past few weeks. What have you been obsessed with lately?


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