Making Progress

I once heard a yoga teacher say that the practice of yoga is a lot like life- it’s all about getting comfortable in uncomfortable positions. The truth of these words struck me instantly, and remained with me in the year since. Whenever I’m having a rough week, I try to take a moment to smile and remind myself: “This is a ‘warrior 3 moment.’ Right now you’re wobbly and your muscles are crying, but you’ll breathe through it and eventually land in child’s pose.” I’ll be the first to admit I don’t excel at taking this advice, but repeating this mini mantra helps nonetheless.

Just this past week, I noticed myself getting more comfortable in low lunge, aka a pose I’d always struggled to stay zen in. My newfound zen is probably due to upping my practice recently through Yoga with Adriene’s 31-day “Revolution” challenge. Regardless, however, I was ecstatic to find that I no longer dreaded low lunge, and even relished the prolonged stretch. It’s a major turning point in my personal practice, one that I hope echoes into my life off the mat. Indeed, in both yoga and the rest of our lives it is so easy to feel stuck, trapped in the monotony of what we can’t or don’t like doing. In between all of that, it’s these breakthrough moments that remind how much potential there is, and how much progress we are to make.

How you found yourself more “comfortable” with something lately?


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