What I Wanna Know Is…

Transitions are hard. The move from winter break back to school/work, I think, ranks up there with the worst of them. I know I’m not alone when I say that the past few weeks have been overwhelming. We’re talking loss of sleep (turns out I only sleep like 5 hours and 49 minutes on a regular school night…who know?), packed calendars, and even a brief cold along the way.

In times like these, I always find it really hard to stay passionate, whether its with school or writing for this blog or doing yoga…whatever. Let me know if there’s some sort of psychological explanation, but it seems as if every time life speeds up, my inspiration digs its heels into the ground. This dullness, of course, only makes it harder to power through long days of club meetings, final papers, and midterms. So, in an attempt to revive myself in time for the last for days of the first semester, I’m harkening back to a post from last month and making list of everything I still want to learn. Some of these are traditional classroom topics, some of them aren’t. Either way, I’ll try to keep this list in mind when I hear my alarm tomorrow morning and wonder what on Earth the point of it all is. 😉

+ Stuff I Don’t Know (and Want to Find Out) +

How to factor a quadratic equation (seriously…anyone?)

What is a chakra and how does it, what’s the word, ground?

Why every book/short story we’ve read in my AP English class was written by a man

How to make vegan pizza (hopefully a blog post coming soon about this!)

How to nail crow pose

Whether I am “left brain” or “right brain,” and what does that mean

How to use a fax machine

The ins and outs of due process as defined by the Fifth Amendment (don’t ask)

How to really meditate

How to balance writing for this blog, which I love so much, with all the other stuff in my life

. . .

I’m serious about all of these, but that last one most especially. Working on this blog is no doubt my most fulfilling task, but unfortunately is often gets sidelined by the mandatory demands of school. Thanks to those of you who have kept reading as I continue to figure this balance out…I promise it’ll be worth it!

With that, have an amazing Tuesday! Let’s see what this (short) week has to offer…


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