Week in Review


Week one, done. Is it just me, or is adjusting back to school/work after winter break the absolute hardest thing ever? From a messed up sleep schedule to a volcanic explosion of homework, there were lots of opportunities from stress and fatigue this week. All I can say is thank God for the meditative benefits of exercise and Yoga with Adriene’s daily yoga routines, which literally got me through the last four days!

As you can probably tell, I’m more than ready to dive into the weekend, so I’ll let us all go with a few links to kick things off…

. . .

Ali MacGraw in Love Story is a forever icon.

Props to Anna Winter and Victoria Beckham, who will honored as dames by Queen Elizabeth II.

Speaking of Great Britain, here’s what the nation’s fashion firms want from Brexit.

I related to this article so. much. Please read.

These snaps from San Francisco gave me serious wanderlust.

Your 2017 style, according to your zodiac sign.

It’s the weekend! Celebrate with the funniest memes of the last year.

…And then get all the feels watching individuals ages 5-75 share their “life goals.”


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