What I Needed To Hear


In the spirit of finals week, I’m opening today’s post with a question: If you had to guess, how many words do you think heard, read, or otherwise consumed in the last twenty-four hours? I’m guessing you don’t have an exact number (if you do, please share you skills), but chances are your estimation is somewhere between “A gazillion trillion” and “What was the point of this question again?” Indeed, as homo sapiens in the Age of Things Digital, most of us take in a crazy amount of media over breakfast alone, let alone an entire day. But even though words in all mediums are beyond commonplace in our routine existence, it’s still rare to come across the ones you really needed at that given moment.

Following the course of my December manifestation to “believe,” I’ve been thinking a lot about small signs of goodness. From spotting a brilliant full moon to an unexpected giggly moment with friends, these serendipitous moments create the cracks that let the light in. As someone with a passion for reading and writing, a lot of my experiences with this also come from stumbling across the words of others at just the right time. Take last night, for example: I was doing “let it go” yoga flow from my favorite YouTube yogi, something I selected to escape from the anxiety I’d been feeling all day. As we slipped into the end of the flow, the teacher shared the mantra “The Universe is for me, and so is everything else.” When I heard this, I immediately started smiling and repeating the mantra to myself. After days of feeling like a toy sailboat at the mercy of being lost at sea, these words reminding me that the forces that be have my back was just what I needed to hear.

There’s a lot of words out there in the world. On the news, on the radio, on Twitter, and it’s easy to get bogged down by the tidal wave of stuff. What I hope this post got across, however, is that there is stuff worth listening to out there, and more often than not it will find you at just the right time. The best part is, of course, that we don’t even have to try that hard to find them! We just need to open ourselves to the possibility that they exist.


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