Manifestations // December


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Seriously, I’m so glad we’ve finally reached the twelfth month of the year. While not “terrible” by any means, both October and November were very long months that I’m ready to kiss goodbye. Starting with Thanksgiving break a couple weeks ago I’m looking forward to a calmer vibe in the weeks ahead.

Now here is where I proceed to pat myself on the back, because that last bit created a nice little segue into my December manifestation. As I hinted above, over the past couple months I’ve experience more than my share of anxiety and self-doubt. My struggle to believe in myself have always been my Achilles heal, and the first semester of senior year brought that out big time. Things reached a fever pitch last week, when stress over the future combined with school work and early holiday buzz sent me into a tailspin. Once my confidence got so shaken that I started feeling physically sick, I knew something had to change. All it took was one glance at a Hallmark Christmas movie, and I knew my December manifestation had to be BELIEVE.


I started reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein a few weeks ago, and one of her biggest messages is trusting that you are always being guided. Even if it doesn’t feel so great right now, something- whether you choose to think of it as the God, the Universe, Rudolph, whatever- is showing you your path. I’m going to try to embrace that attitude this month, and manifest more belief not only in the Universe, but in myself. I’m tired on the constant dialogue of what-ifs and should-haves that circles my head. As Gabby says in her book, joy- not pain- is our birthright. This season, I’m challenging myself to see past my fears and anxieties, and move instead towards a place of happy calm.


I know, I know: “Happy calm” during the holidays? As a senior in high school? Even from my perspective, it sounds like a naïve goal. But I truly believe (see? I’m already doing it!) that that doubt is my fear-riddled, self-deprecating side talking. The part of me who can take a deep breath and trust both myself and the Universe is confident she can get there. I even have a few tips to see me through, like less screen time, mindful movement, and lots of making time for what I love. They’re small steps, but even in the past few days I’ve noticed how helpful they can be in reaching a place of peace. Another thing I’m doing is ruminating less over the future, and trying to concentrate more on the present. It’s not easy for a type-A girl like me, but like with all of this, I’m working on it. 🙂


  With that, I release you into the rest of your Tuesday! But first, tell me: What are your mottos/goals this December? Whatever they are, I wish you a magical holiday season, and hope you all find it in your hearts to just believe. And drink so hot chocolate too, of course.


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