What Did You Learn Today?

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It’s no secret that being a student is hard. Whether you’re in first grade or are a senior in college, motivating yourself to push through long weeks of classes and schoolwork can be a trying task at the least. Around my high school, this three-week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas break is always a particularly sluggish, as everyone channels their energy into “getting it over with” as quickly as possible. While I’m definitely guilty of this, I also try to remember the reason we go to school in first place: to learn and become better prepared for our futures. Lately, whenever I find myself getting fed up with it all, I try to remember all the genuinely interesting stuff I learned that day. For example? Today, I learned how to measure someone’s blood pressure in anatomy class. Yesterday, I found out that the only way to say “clockwise” in French is “dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre.Call me a nerd or whatever, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Okay, your turn. Take a couple minutes and ask yourself what you learned today. This applies even you’re not in school: I genuinely believe that we spend our lives as students of the universe, and are constantly discovering new things from calculus formulas to how to not lose it when another driver is aggressively tailgating you (this, my friends, I also learned this week). So think about and tuck your answers away in your brain or even write it down for the next time you’re feeling “meh.” In my experience, there are few things more boosting than looking back on all the amazing lessons you’ve collected.


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