Inspired By…The Crown & Good Girls Revolt


Do you ever stumble upon the most binge-worthy shows just when you’re about to get swamped by other (read: mandatory) commitments? This is a pretty consistent pattern in my life, and the past few weeks have been no exception. This time around, the “other commitments” consist of the usual, aka a literal mountain of school work and extracurriculars. Those shows, though? None other than Netflix’s The Crown and Amazon Prime’s Good Girls Revolt. As the title implies, the former charts the first years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, whereas the latter follows the lives of young female researchers at a fictional New York newspaper in the early ‘70s. The storyline, the intrigue, the accents…it’s all there, but I’m also swooning over the fashion. The Crown’s look is a little more conservation but decadent to boot, whereas Good Girls Revolt offers an interesting look at the transition between the mod 60s and the boho days that followed. Check out some of my favorite moments from each below!

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 7.52.36 PM.png

Young Elizabeth’s headgear is always #goals. I’m thinking headscarves are order for fall…


…And Princess Margaret also never fails to bring her “A” game. Note another excellent scarf situation.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 7.53.46 PM.png

Flash forward a couple days: The women in the newsroom at New of the Week each have a style that’s all their own. Note Patty’s blouse on far right up top and mini dress on bottom.


Good Girls Revolt also features a cameo from young Nora Ephron (center), whose dress reminds me of Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut season at Louis Vuitton.

What shows have you been watching lately?


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