Back, Back Again



Well hello there, world. Apologies for my unexpected hiatus last week. I can’t sight any excuses except that I was uninspired and, frankly, unmotivated. There’s nothing like some time off to get the ideas flowing, though, so I’m back and am excited to bring you all-new content in the next few weeks. Until then, here’s a peak at what I’m reading, listening to, eating…basically, what my world looks like right about now. 🙂


Rosalind Jana articles

I first heard about Rosalind Jana over a podcast episode, and now I love keeping up with her blog and other writings. She’s put out some pretty great stuff over the last few weeks, including these pieces for R29 UK and Maximum Pop.

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

After seeing The Girl on the Train movie (thoughts? I’m still undecided), I was craving another mysterious read. Thus far, In a Dark, Dark Wood is filling the gap perfectly.  

Vanity Fair September

I’m horribly behind on my magazine reading…as in, like, two months behind. I just got through Vanity Fair’s September issue, which was stock full of great stories, as per usual.

listening to

King of Leon album

I’ve never listened to Kings of Leon before, but I’m loving their new album WALLS. These are songs that do double duty: they can get you pumped or provide the perfect background a quiet afternoon.

We the Ppl Podcast

My friend Charlotte recommended this podcast to me, and I’m so glad she did. I’ve been pretty turned off by recent political “commentary,” and it’s refreshing to hear current issues discussed by teenagers who share my generational perspective.


Sex and the City

“Love is fleeting, but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever.” ‘Nuff said.


Maybe it’s the fact that I had to literally write a legal brief last week, but I’ve been loving all the lawyer-y intrigue in Amazon Prime’s Goliath.


I’ve been binge-watching my way through Sammi Quinn and HelloKaty’s videos this past week, and I do not regret it.



Now that tennis season is over, I’ve been enjoying coming up with a regular fitness routine. Running has no doubt been the winner lately- nothing like a good 3 miler to leave you feeling strong and empowered.

Drinking herbal tea

Aside from my regular English Breakfast with almond milk in the a.m., I’ve started drinking caffeine-free herbal brews before bed. Right now Yogi’s Cinnamon Vanilla is my fave, but I can’t wait to discover more flavors/brands!


…how many days until this election is over, again?

…when I’ll decide to start my English essay.

…what and how long it will take me to finally clean my room.

. . .

What’s been up with you guys lately? I know it’s only been a week, but it feels so much longer! I’m glad to be back. Until next time, you know the drill…


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