Pumpkin Oatmeal for Fall

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

If you ask me, one of the best things about the start of a new season are all the fresh ingredients that come with it. Autumn is a particularly fun time, because it means we get to start enjoying warm, cozy meals as the weather gets chillier. And no fall-themed meal is complete without one essential ingredient: pumpkin.

Okay, not the funky orange stuff in your PSL. I’m talking about that plentiful orange fruit that’s got seven times your recommended intake of Vitamin A in just one cup. Aside from being awesome for you both inside and out (hello, decreased water retention!), pumpkin tastes delicious in soups, veggie bakes, loafs, and even breakfast foods. Inspired to whip up a pumpkin-themed dish as part of my fall bucket list, I spent some time over the weekend concocting The Minimalist Baker’s Creamy Pumpkin Oatmeal. Warm, cozy, and sweetened with microwaved blueberries and a drizzle of local honey, it was the perfect start to a rainy Sunday.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 12.54.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 12.54.52 PM.png


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