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I’ve always been an introvert. I’d joke and say that I’m my own best friend, only it’d be kind of true: On a Friday night, there is no where I’d rather be than in my room, by myself. It sounds depressing on paper (er, computer screen), but I promise it’s not. Being alone is how I recharge, and remind myself who I am and what makes me happy outside the craziness of everyday life.

But just because I need my me-time doesn’t mean I don’t love connecting with other people. On the contrary- being introverted means I’m especially fond of those special relationships, those conversations in which everything just clicks. This past weekend I had a chance to reconnect with someone I first met briefly a few months ago, and the experience totally made my week month. Even when you hardly know a person, there is something so rewarding about talking openly and honestly, whether about the future, the past, or whatever the heck is going on right here and right now. True connections are few and far between, and they can last anywhere from five seconds to five decades. As people, I suppose, it’s our job to find them, cultivate them, and smile as we watch them flourish.

Have you connected with anyone/anything lately?


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