What’s In My Bag: Sport Edition

Way back in July, I shared what I kept in my bag at my summer jobs. It’s only been two months since then, but boy have things changed! I’m back in school now, and not only am I metaphorically juggling classes, the tennis team, homework, etc. but I’m also constantly shleping stuff. Between my backpack (which, by the way, is the heaviest it’s ever been), the papers I pick up during the day, and my sports gear, my hands are rarely empty. I try to be picky about how much I tote with me, particularly when it comes to tennis bag. This is my fourth year on the team, so I’ve managed to widdle myself down to a tight edit of “essentials” that get me from class to the courts with zero (okay, maybe still a little) stress. Below, get a peek at the six items I can’t “get the W” without!

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 5.31.52 PM.png

:: sunscreen

This is kind of a no brainer, but I couldn’t not include my sunscreen on here. I keep two bottles a side pocket of my bag: sunbum SPF 30 for my body and Elta SPF for my face. I try to make sure I cover everything at least once before getting on the court, sometimes reapplying if I feel like the sun is particularly intense!

:: face wipes

I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s important not to workout with your makeup on. After changing my clothes, one of the first things I do when getting ready for practice is cleanse my face with Cetaphil wipes. I love Cetaphil’s gentle face wash for my sensitive skin, and these wipes do a great job of removing all the powder and other gunk with drying or burning your face!  

:: sunglasses

I love my Ray-Bans, but I’m too afraid of breaking them to dare playing tennis in them. Instead, I protect my eyes with a plastic pair of “sport glasses,” which contour tightly to my head so that they don’t fall off. They’re a bit intense-looking, but they get the job done without me having to worry about possible damage!

:: sneaker bag

Time to get real: After several weeks on nonstop wear and tear, sneakers start to smell. To keep my sneaks from stinking up the rest of my clothes, I pack them in a little drawstring pouch. Not only does this keep the odor at bay, but it also makes it 10x easier to navigate the rest of my bag!

:: water + snack

I’m always hungry after a long day at school, so it’s absolutely essential for me to have a snack on hand for before/during practice. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different energy ball recipes, but I also love Two Moms in the Raw gogi bars and KIND’s dark chocolate and coconut granola bars. H-two-oh, of course, is always a must.

:: sweatshirt or long sleeve

Tennis season is funny, because we start practicing in the height of August heat but by the times we wrap up it’s so cold, we can practically see our breath! It’s just starting to get a little chillier as the sun goes down, so I make sure to keep a sweatshirt on hand for the end of practice or late matches.

. . .

So there you have it: My essentials for surviving a day as a high school athlete. Even though I being on the team,  there are definitely times when the hectic schedule gets to me, and it helps to rely on my “must-haves” to get me from point A to point B!

I know a lot of guys are also atheletes/gym fiends, so I’m curious: What are you sport bag essentials? Do you take a lot of stuff, or keep it simple? Drop a line below!


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