A Summer Wrap-Up + My Fall Bucket List

Well, it’s only been two days, but I’m already caught up in the school whirlwind. Things kicked off with a bang yesterday with the first day of classes AND my first tennis match (as I’m writing this, I’m crossing my fingers for “the W”!). With the air on campus filled with talk about classes, homework, and sports practice, it’s hard to believe that we were on summer break just a few days ago! In honor of the new school year, today I thought it’d be nice to do a little summer wrap-up (technically a few weeks early, I know), and plunge ahead with my fall bucket list!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.53.32 PM.png

Looking back, I had a pretty great summer. I’m lucky that I get three months off, as I was able to fit in so many unique, fun experiences into my time away. I got my driver’s license, went to HerConference, started writing for Feminist Wednesday, worked two jobs, and so much more. I also had a pretty ambitious bucket list, which you can see above. I had two goals left on the last update, which I managed to squeeze in to my last few weeks of freedom: You can check out my natural spa night experience here, and I’m just a couple chapters away from finished La fille du train, the book I’ve been reading in French since July. I know, I know, *technically* I didn’t finish it by the time school started, but I’m giving myself some slack here. I mean, summer is nothing if not the easy-going season, right? Of course right. 😉

With summer’s loose ends all tied up, I’m feeling ready to dive right into fall with a brand-new set of seasonal “to-dos.” I went back and forth between making a fall bucket list or an overarching “senior year” one, but I decided on the former because, honestly, I could come up with more ideas for it! Below, you can see the five I finally narrowed it down to. You can find out more about my choices by scrolling further!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.59.48 PM.png

// Watch a new sport

I grew up in football house, so I’ve always made an effort to support my school’s football team at their home games. Coming up on my last year, however, I definitely want to branch out and stop by a game for a sport I’ve never watched! Rumor has it the field hockey team is really good, so I’m hoping to swing by one of their match-ups in the coming weeks!

// Make a pumpkin recipe

Okay, you knew there was going to be something food-related on here. Pumpkin isn’t a flavor I naturally gravitate towards (I’m not a pumpkin pie fan), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it in the past. I definitely want to try out a new recipe or two to embrace the taste of the season!

// Visit 3 new museums

I feel like I read about cool museum at exhibits at locations I’ve never heard of on an almost weekly basis. This fall, I want to take advantage of my weekends to check out a few new cultural spots. The Brooklyn Museum and the Met Breuer are at the top of my list, but I’d love some more under-the-radar suggestions!

// Go on a hike

I have really great memories of going on hikes with my dad when I was little. I was so not a jeans-and-boots kid, but I always came home with my cheeks red and smiling. I’m starting to feel nostalgic about this being my last autumn in my local area, so I figured why not up the ante and revisit some childhood haunts?

// Start meditating

I’ve been telling myself that I am going to start meditating since, like, forever. Now that I’m back at school and my anxiety is at its most vulnerable, I think now is as good a time as any to make good on that promise. I had a good experience using the Headspace app once, so I’m going to start there again and see where it goes.

. . .

And there it goes: My recollections of summer and my plans for fall, all in one post. I’m really grateful for the memories and experiences I had over the last few months, and my bucket list was a fun way to add some extra intrigue to the mix. Between now and Thanksgiving break, I’m hoping that my fall goals are a nice reprieve from that other to-do list, aka the one overflowing with deadlines and obligations. Either way, I have a feeling we all have a great few months ahead!

How was your summer? Do you have a fall bucket list?


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