Week in Review



Happy Friday, loves! I have to say that I’m heading into this weekend feeling more than a little nostalgic. Yesterday was my last day at one of my summer jobs, and tomorrow marks the end of my other gig! As much as I might have complained about working 6-7 days a week for the past six weeks, I’m definitely going to miss all the amazing people I met. You’ll hear more about this in a post next week, but I couldn’t have asked for better bosses and co-workers, and I’ve learned so much in the last month alone.

With that, have a great weekend! Enjoy that dog days while you can. 🙂

. . .

I’ve been woefully neglectful when it comes to watching the Rio Olympics. That said, I’m still cheering on Team USA in my heart! Congratulations especially to the #FinalFive, who clinched the gold medal in women’s gymnastics this week.

Confession: I’ve wanted a bookcase with a rolling ladder/staircase ever since I watched Beauty and the Beast as a toddler.

Are you happy?

Currently coveting this shirtdress for fall.

Have you internalized any weird (read: hilarious) rules from your parents? I know I have.

So excited for Jordan (aka TBB), who is starting her 300-hour you teacher training! Read her beginning reflection here.

New life goal: complete every one of these amazing train trips.


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