5 No-Equipment Moves for the Upper Body

Hey, all. My apologies for the delay in posting this week. I came down with a little something over the weekend, one of the symptoms of which was a complete and utter lack of motivation to walk from one end of the room to another, let alone crank out actual work. But I’m back again, almost recovered and ready with all-new content for the somewhat new week.

Today, I’m super-pumped to be sharing 5 equipment-less but of-so-effective workout moves for your upper body. Like most people, I tend to ignore this part of my physique in favor of focusing more “pressing” areas, like my abs. Over the past several weeks, however, I’ve noticed how consistently working on my arms and top half creates a noticeable impact on my tennis playing. With the season coming up in less than a week (!), you can bet I’ll be incorporating more upper-body training into my regular cardio and strength routine. Because I’m all about keeping it simple, below you’ll find five of my favorite moves that give you arms, shoulders, and back and serious burn, no weights required. 🙂


// The Missy Franklin

Now that we’re all in the Olympic spirit, I couldn’t help but include this gem. This move- inspired by a swimming stroke- is the perfect warm-up to get your shoulders working, but also creates an impact mixed into the middle or the end of a workout, as well. Want a full-body burn? Try lifting your feet off the group and lifting you stomach up towards your rib cage.


// Push Up ’n’ Rotate

You all know how I love a good side plank, so this one shouldn’t surprise you. The move combines two hallmark workouts- the aforementioned plank and the push up- to tone your arms, shoulders, and obliques simultaneously. If going full-out with the plank is too much, get that rotation in by swiveling slightly and lifting one arm to the sky after each push-up, no extra balance required.


// Single-Leg Pop-Up

Like the Push Up ’n’ Rotate, this move is a perfect way to hit up both you upper body and midsection. The push up motion slays the upper arms, while keeping one leg raised works the abdominal wall and glutes.


// Crabby

While I was hard to put aside all my traumatic memories of elementary school crab soccer, I’ve learned to love this move. The backwards push up motion creates strength throughout your entire arm, while the leg raises get your heart pumping for a little cardio action. For maximum impact, make sure your weight is firmly settled in both your heels!


// Heart-to-Hearts

Also known as “diamond push ups,” this move is a simple way to create some serious upper body burn. Like with the Crabby, you’ll be working all the muscles in your arm, as well you back. Get some lower body heat in there by keeping your glutes in tight!

.  .  .

Looking for more equipment-less workouts? Be sure to check out my five favorite ab moves. As always, leave any questions/comments below, or reach out to astylestudy@gmail.com. Talk to ya on Thursday!


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