Manifestations :: August

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I’m starting today’s post with a question for the audience: How on earth could we be here, the beginning of August, with me sharing my new manifestation? I mean, wasn’t it just days ago that I hit ‘publish’ on last month’s motto? They say the time slows down in the summer, but after looking back on the past few weeks I’m willing to argue that the opposite is true.

End-of-summer nostalgia aside, I’m super excited to fill you all in on my August manifestation. Something I love about choosing these “mantras” each month is that they allow me to set one personal growth goal- getting more enthusiastic, learning to roll with the punches- and really hone in on it. After a slow start in June, I was thrilled to make some tangible progress with my July motto of “accepting.” By using some of the tools I discussed in last month, I started to loosen up in subtle ways: not freaking out about last-minute plans, staying cool in the face of ambiguity, and even pulling myself together during some very tough moments.


Shedding excess anxiety, however, also forced me to recognize some deeper issues I’d neglected to address. Over the past several days, especially, I was startled by my penchant towards self-sabotage. All too often, I often find myself making choices I know will make me miserable in the long run. This habit manifests itself in a myriad of ways, but recently it’s meant taking on a non-stop work schedule, overeating, and staying up way too late. While these patterns would be disconcerting enough, it frustrates me that I insist on setting myself up for unhappiness. Because, as far as self-awareness goes, I like to think I’m pretty lucky: I know what makes me feel good (a solid two hour block of “me time” each day, nutritious eating, lights out by 11:30), and what makes me feel bad (no personal time, overindulging and/or not eating enough, going to bed late). All the tools are there, so why I do I struggle to make decisions that align with this knowledge?


At first, I thought this was all a question of discipline. On the eating front, in particular, I chocked my less-than-healthful choices up to weak self-control. I quickly realized, however, that this mindset was simply an invitation to hate on myself. I want to pry my finger of the self-destruct button, sure, but I want to do it from the most loving place possible. That mini epiphany led my to my August mantra: FINDING WHAT FEELS GOOD. This phrase is a favorite of Adriene, my favorite YouTube yogi, and sets the perfect vibe for a month of getting in tune with myself. For me, this month won’t be so much about discovering what makes me my best self, but rather a journey in how to use those things for a better quality of life. Like with my July mantra, I’ve got a few baseline checklist to keep me on the “feel good path.” These to-dos includes prioritizing work earlier in the day to free up time later, being conscious of my body’s natural cravings, and shutting down electronics at 10:15 (Sorry, mom, but a girl has to get her Pinterest in!). Thus far, I can already tell I’m in for an intense combination of fun and hard work, and I can’t wait to see the progress I’ve made once September rolls around.


Do you have any goals for August? What are they? Do you make monthly goals, or do you prefer a different time frame?



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