Week in Review



Happy Friday, everyone! After a whirlwind weekend in New York last week, I have to say that the past five days simply flew by. It just hit me yesterday that in two weeks I head back to school for tennis season…how did that happen?! While I’m definitely sad to see summer go, I plan on making the most out of what remains by making plans with friends, soaking up my last few weeks at work, and unplugging a bit in my down time. I’m actually thinking about go completely tech-free on Sunday as part of my summer bucket list, so if you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear your thoughts! (No, but seriously: I’m worried about going more than five hours without checking Instagram.)

With that, I wish you the best Saturday and Sunday! Lots of love always.

. . .

It was amazing hearing Olympian Nastia Liukin speak at HerConference last weekend. Check out her feature on The Coveteur here!

Speaking of athletes, Serena Williams slays in her ’73 Questions’ feature with vogue.com.

Five things every woman should do alone at least once, brought to you by PureWow.

Have you seen the new allure.com?! It’s swoon-worthy.

Lusting after Emily’s Paris vacation.

I agree that most of my sartorial desires are more ‘want’ than ‘need’…but I’m pretty sure I actually need this embroidered frock.

We sell some of the prettiest body scrubs in the store I work at, and now I’m googling different bath products every chance I get! Right now I’m eyeing this “sea polish” mix.

Leave it to Joy over at Oh, Joy! to come up with the best jewelry finds.

Essential life skill: how to pack like Joan Didion.


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