What’s In My Bag: Work Edition

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One of my favorite blog features has always been “what’s in my (bag/desk/room)” posts. It’s so interesting to see what other people’s essentials are, and I always pick up new product recommendations along the way.

But even though I love these posts, I never found an excuse to make one of my own. Call me crazy, but something tells me that the pile of crumpled papers and broken pencils at the bottom of my backpack would not make for particularly interesting content. (But that’s just me. If this sounds good to you, by all means let me know.) Several weeks ago, however, I joined the ranks of “employed persons” and, as a result, find myself packing a full tote bag. I’ve managed to narrow my daily loads into a handful of key components, so I though it’d be fun to give you guys a peak! Check out my must-haves below.

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   + water bottle – If I don’t have my water bottle with my, chances are I will forget to drink water. To avoid dehydration, I make sure to fill up my Tervis on my way out the door and chug it throughout the day. It works!…most of the time.

+ lunch container – On the days when I work through lunchtime, I always bring my food in a plastic container. The one I use originally held a wrap from one of my favorite lunch spots, but it’s sturdiness and size made it perfect for packed lunches. As for what I bring, it’s normally some version of leftovers from last night’s dinner. Not exactly glamorous, but cost-effective and definitely delicious!

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+ book + notebook with pen – I always have a book plus a notebook and pen on hand for slow moments on the job. In terms of books, I like to bring one of the more “mindless” choices on my bedside so it’s easy to jump in and out of the plot. Right now, I bring Carry On by Rainbow Rowell everywhere with me.

The same theory goes for my notebook and pen. For times when traffic is pretty stagnant, it’s nice to be able to brainstorm some creative ideas. I actually drafted this blog post during one of those quiet stints!

+ wallet – I guess this one’s pretty obvious, but I wanted to include it anyway. I rarely use my wallet while working, but it’s given to have my ID, some cash, and other essentials, such as lip balm, on hand.


+ snack – Anyone who knows me knows that food is essential to keeping me up and running. On the days that my hours take me later into the afternoon, it’s nonnegotiable that I have a snack on hand. Right now, I ‘m loving Sunshine Nut Company’s herb-roasted cashews and Oatmega protein bars.

+ phone – Last but not least, my cellular device. Most days this baby sits untouched in my bag, but I like to have it in order to contact my bosses or my parents if need be. Plus, who can resist a lunchtime Instagram check-in? 😉

I was about to wrap this post up when I realized I’d covered everything inside my bag without touched on the tote itself. This is a simple enough task, because for the last month or so I’ve been using nothing but my yellow striped straw tote from Mar Y Sol. It’s handmade and surprisingly sturdy, which or great given how much stuff I throw in there on a daily basis.

What’s in your bag this summer? Are you using a tote, or have you streamlined into something smaller?


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