3 YouTubers I’m Loving Lately

Lately, one of my favorite ways to kill my newly-free time is by watching YouTube videos. I know, I know: I’m about four years late to that party. But I like to think I’m making up for my tardiness by racking up a Watch List overflowing with videos from all kinds of different channels, from TEDTalks to vloggers. The latter, in paricular, are a new favorite of mine. My friend Charlotte introduced me to a few of her faves last week, and since then I’ve been happily falling down the vlog rabbit hole. There’s so many I’ve yet to watch (Ingrid Nielson, anyone?), but here are three that I’m obssessed with right now:

// Hannah Witton

I have to throw this reccomendation out to my friend, Charlotte, who insisted I start watching Hannah’s videos when we hung out last week. Hannah makes weekly videos in which she seemlessly fuses humor and quirkiness with serious conversations about gender, sexuatlity, and more. I love her monthly favorites round-ups and laugh-out-loud-worthy “Drunk Advice” collabs, but I’m also really into her more heavy-hitting content about feminism, bullying, stress (see above), etc. She’s also hugely supportive of her fellow YouTubers, so much so that I owe my next to favorites to one of her videos.

// Linda Barsi

Like I just said, I found out about Linda’s channel through Hannah’s video calling out fabulous female YouTubers. Her videos have a really cool premise: Three years ago, Linda vowed to take a break from dtaing and focus on finishing her screenplay. She records her journey through weekly video updates, in which she discusses everything from the writing process to random musings about life and work (see  my personal favorite, “How to take a dance break,” above.) I followed Hannah’s advice and have been watching her videos in chronological order, and am loving powering through the first few weeks of videos. Consider me hooked!

// It’s Radish Time

Once again, I came across Taylor from It’s Radish Time via Hannah Witton’s reccomendation (what can I say? Girl’s got good taste). Taylor’s videos are two-to-five-minute snippets in which she shares her thoughts about whatever topic is on her mind. Her eloquent speaking style is elevated by her down-to-earth presense that makes whatever she’s tackling- from Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance to the stigma surrounding humanities majors (above)- instantly relatable. Got some time on your hands? I’d reccomend hitting up this channel, stat.

Do you like watching YouTube videos? If so, what are your favorite channels/vloggers?


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