Adventures+ Week in Review

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I have to be honest guys: I’m not sure I could have asked for a better first full week of summer. I ushered my school’s graduation last weekend, and it was so nice to see the seniors finally earn their diplomas. The ceremony was emotional but joyful, and it got me excited about my upcoming senior year!

The rest of the week was pretty much full or errands and appointments until Wednesday, when I headed into the city for a book singing with Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde. I arrived early in the afternoon, popped into a museum exhibit (Strange New Beauty at the MoMA- a must see!) and wandered the West Village for a while before the even started. It was there that I had a quintessential only-in-New-York moment: I was eyeing the Magnolia Bakery with my mom, debating wether or not to get some banana pudding (the answer should always be yes), when I noticed Bookmarc, Marc Jacobs’s book boutique, on the corner. I poked my head in, only to be greeted by flashing cameras and the sound of champagne fizzing. It took me a few seconds to adjust, but suddenly I realized that Pat Cleveland- the legendary supermodel of the 1970s- was in the store, signing copies of her new memoir! I immediately purchased a copy, and got on line. Ms. Cleveland was so, so kind and even took time away from taking pictures to speak with me. Having had the pleasure of meeting her, I can’t wait to dig into her book, which is sure to be a juicy read.

After that little adventure, I was pretty much walking on air. The TBB book signing later that evening was also a blast- Jordan was beyond lovely, and I finally got to meet Katie, of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk! All in all, I’d say it was a successful day. 😉 (My mom and I ended up having to wait an hour for a train home, but even the AMTRAK waiting room isn’t so bad with vegan cookies from by CHLOE.)


With the amazing Jordan of TBB!

Okay, my story time is up. In other news, here’s what I read this week:

I love everything about the designer Ulla Johnson, form her latest collection to her beauty routine.

It was so amazing to meet Katie Horwith of WANT at the TBB event this week! Be sure to check out her latest post, about how to extend a “good body day/week.” It’s mega-insightful, as per usual.

A few high-profile fashion companies recently signed on with the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge. Read about them and the other business committed to squashing the gender pay gap here.

What one woman wishes more people knew about binge-eating disorder.

I’m not sure if I’ll “go Greek” in college, but I really enjoyed this post about how being in a sorority changed how one student thought about beauty.

Who’s excited for oh joy for Target’s summer collection? 🙋🏼🙋🏼


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