Week in Review



Ah…Friday. While I always welcome the end of the week, today is especially exciting because it marks the end of my academic year. I have my last final this afternoon, and while we have school a couple days next week, they will mostly be spent having parties and doing end-of-year wrap-ups. So, as of now, the only thing standing between me and three months of vacation is biology and the SAT (word to the wise: may be don’t sign up for a standardized the weekend after you finals). Summertime, here i come!

What’re your weekend plans?

I can’t wait to go to the Dream, Girl premiere next week! Check out info/the trailer here.

…And also watch the promo for this documentary about beauty standards, coming February 2017.

Danielle Moss of The Everygirl has the most swoon-worthy apartment.

It just hit me that this is my last summer as a high schooler! It was interesting to read this photo essay of British students heading into their “last summer of youth.”

I had my first lobster roll over the weekend (with fries, obvi)! Now that I’m hooked, I definitely need to check out some of the 24 best ‘rolls in the nation.

On a more serious note, shout out to Jamie for getting totally honest and raw on her blog last weekend. It’s posts like these that inspired me to start blogging, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

And last but not least: a DIY apricot honey face mask? Yes, puh-lease.


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