Manifestations : June

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I’m cutting right to the chase here: May was one L-O-N-G month. Every week dragged by more slowly than the one before, so much so that the end of April literally feels like last year. To make a long story short, I’m more than happy it’s finally June.

I like to think this month holds a lot of good things. For one, these thirty-one days just so happen to include the start of summer vacation and my birthday, so we’re off to a great start right there. But ever more than that, I’m approaching this month as a time of renewal. After a chaotic spring, I’m looking forward to recalibrating with a (slightly) calmer schedule and some much-deserved peace and quiet.

Above all, my goal (because I can’t not have a goal, right?) for June 2016 is get enthusiastic. In general, I pride myself on being a passionate person. I commit to things I’m serious about, and give them all 100%. Over the past few months however, a pendulum of extreme highs coupled with heartbreaking lows has left me pretty near my “breaking point.” Typically a morning person, I now wake up and immediately want to crawl back into bed with pancakes and Netflix. I feel resentful whenever a teacher, even one that I admire and whose class I adore, gives another assignment. It’s all I can do not to scream when I see my SAT practice book leaning against my bookshelf.

I miss the fiery motivation that used to accompany everything I did. That’s why I’m dedicating this month to the E word itself: ENTHUSIASM. I’m resolved to do whatever it takes to get myself pumped up again. Some days, that’ll mean waking up early for a killer workout, powering through my to-do list, and even finally putting my laundry pile away (the worst, right?). But there will be other days when maintaining my enthusiasm will mean taking it easy, starting my day with a leisurely breakfast and maybe some yoga stretches before reading or listening to a long podcast. This month, I plan to embrace all of these impulses. No more “getting through the day,” no more counting down towards Thursday, Friday, the last day of school. This June, I’m all about approaching every moment, every task, and every opportunity with the same zeal that used to be my norm. With some time, I’m confident I can get my enthusiasm meter back up off the charts.

What are you “manifesting” this June?


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