2 TEDxTalks Every Woman Should Listen To

I’ve probably mentioned before that I love learning. I know it sounds “nerdy,” but I am genuinely passionate about discovering the world around me via books, museum, movies, art, and straight-up life experience. That said, I love it when my academic classes lead me to find inspiring material outside the classroom. Given my school’s emphasis on cross-curricular connections, I have plenty of opportunities to do so. Like this past weekend, when I finally got around to watching the four or five TEDTalks on my YouTube watch list. I initially saved them a few months ago to  brainstorm for a school project, but a combination of schoolwork and forgetfulness left them unplayed. I was impressed by everything I saw, but I was floored by the two videos included below. In both talks, the speakers address heavy-hitting topics like female body image and the precarious status of modern women with warmth, confidence, and, yes, humor. I came away from their speeches eager for more, and subsequently followed one of them on Instagram. Yeah, they were that good. See for yourself below:

     Courageous Beauty: Brittany Gibbons at TEDxBGSU

Brittany Gibbons is one of my new favorite people. Her talk is brief and to the point, but it leaves you wanting to join the crowd in their applause. Without giving too much away, Brittany shares her own experiences with body image and “fat shaming” before delving into how she’s confronting today’s rampant body dysmorphia head-on. For homework (I know, I’m so mean), it is required that you watch this video and share it with ten friends.

The pace of modern live versus out cavewoman biochemistry: Dr. Libby Weaver at TEDxQueenstown

Whoa. That was my reaction to Dr. Libby Weaver’s talk, which dissects the effect of the modern woman’s über-fast-paced, high-stress on our physical and mental health. And what is that, you might ask? I’ll let you watch the video, but let’s just Dr. Weaver presents information that will make you seriously consider the immense pressure you place on yourself. And please don’t shy away from the the word “biochemistry”: Weaver’s obvious passion and humble knowledge about the topic makes it feel like you’re listening to  a trusted therapist tell it like it is, not an Intro to Anatomy lecture.

Do you ever watch TEDTalks? What are your favorites? I’m excited to watch this and this in the coming weeks.


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