National Women’s Health Week + How I Stay Healthy

Happy Wednesday, guys! After a few weeks on a downward slope, I’m happy to be reporting to you from the “up-and-up.” I’m feeling optimistic about the next few days for several reasons, but one of the biggest is the amount of #girlpower in the air lately. It all kicked off on Sunday when we celebrated our amazing mothers, and my family is extending the festivities by a few days in honor of my mom’s birthday. Besides all the love and cake that’s going around, this week is also an important one for the entire female community. And, no, not because Ryan Gosling recently did an interview in a suspiciously tight suit. Rather, this week (May 8-14) is National Women’s Health Week. Spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Women’s Health, this annual event aims to educate women of all ages about the getting healthy both inside and out. Aside form encouraging regular screenings and “well-women visits,” OWH advocates for getting active, nourishing you body, paying attention to mental health…a.k.a all the usual advice you hear about upping you health game, but with a delightfully girl-centric spin.

Today, in honor National Women’s Health Week, I’m sharing the top three things I do to be my healthiest self, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. 🙂

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I mentioned this a few months ago, but for the past 66 days I’ve been participating in a 100-day workout challenge. Sometimes, exercise meant an intense HIIT session, while other days it meant some relaxing yoga stretches before bed. (Today, I did this awesome HIIT/cardio yoga burn.) Everyone says that exercise makes you feel better, but I never really got it until doing this challenge. No matter what kind of day I’m having, any activity that gets me challenging myself physically provides a major reprieve. It’s those mental benefits, in fact, not the physical ones, that are motivating me to stick with this challenge until the end. If you’re battling any mental/emotional turmoil of your own, I highly recommend incorporating more physical activity into your life!

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I journaled pretty consistently last summer/fall, only to give it up once winter hit. Then I picked the pen back up in March, I haven’t put it down since. Like with working out, my nightly journal entries vary between long, pensive monologues to brief recollections of my day. Regardless of length, however, getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper gives me a major sense of closure at the end of each day. Normally, I’m the type of person who hangs onto things for a long time, until the weight of that bad grade or a nasty comment literally threatens to overwhelm me. Writing things down helps me let them go, or at least lighten the load slightly. Needless to say, I’m officially a convert to the wonderful world of journaling.

JPEG image-CAAE3E944818-1.jpeg

While I might not be the one whipping up delicious dinners for our family (that’s you, mom), I do wake up early every morning to make my own breakfast. Not only does prepping my own food indulge my control freak side, but the process of getting everything ready is super-calming. Call me crazy but, for me, there are few things as meditative as smashing avocado on toast. The best part? You get to eat after.

What do you do to stay healthy?


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