Empire State of Mind

JPEG image-EA36C9B3B1D4-1

Happy Monday, lovelies. Before we get started, I want to sincerely apologize for my disappearance last week. The past several days consisted of late nights, exhausted mornings, and roller-coaster emotions that unfortunately required blogging to take a back seat. With that said, I’m jumping into this week freshly revived, and can’t wait to create new (consistent) content for you all!

In order to set a positive tone for the weeks ahead, it was important to me that I share the image above. I snapped this picture of 1 WTC last week, on a day that was simultaneously one of my best and worst in recent memory. My feelings were up and down from morning ’til night, but when I looked up at that tower, I remember feeling a rush of…goodness. Standing on the crowded sidewalk with pedestrians skirting around me, I felt hopeful, excited, and invigorated. This moment reminded me of this: No matter how difficult the present moment might be, the future is always there, propelling us endlessly towards the magic that is to come.


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