Week in Review



I have to be honest, guys, and say that I just had a seriously good week. I don’t know why exactly, but my mood has been in a pretty positive place for the past couple days. It all started on Monday, when I had off from school and spent most of my day working on a group project with a friend. I stayed super-productive all week, so much so that the past few nights I was able to squeeze in an episode or two of Girls (just started and am #obsessed) before hitting the lights.All that coupled with the homemade pizza my mom whipped up last night, and I’m practically on cloud nine. Here’s to hoping it lasts through the weekend…

How was your week?

Alicia’s outfits are always my favorite.

need to see this documentary.

This article is important. I’m not going to say why. Because you should read it.

Affordable superfoods? Sign. Me. Up.

Do you follow me on Pinterest? You should! I’m a very talented pinner. (While you’re at it, why not make it double and follow my tumblr, too?)

This home

Catherine Deneuve was featured on Into the Gloss and it was amazing.

College women get honest about how they’re paying for school.


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