Currently Coveting: Donna Karan’s Seven Easy Pieces


A few days ago, I finally got the chance to dive into My Journey, an autobiography by designer Donna Karan that since Christmas sat unread on my bookshelf. In that brief time, not only have I learned a lot about Karan’s personal and professional background, but I’ve also come to understand her role as an icon of American fashion. Case in point: her debut collection at her namesake label. Shown in May 1985, the “seven easy pieces” collection consisted of an edited selection of items- a bodysuit, a wrap skirt, a camel coat- styled and constructed for the modern, professional woman. The fabrics were fluid and sensuous, and the pieces draped with expertise so as to flatter the female body in all its iterations. Oh, and the accessories weren’t bad, either: The artful jewelry by Robert Lee Morris packed an uptown punch, with headscarves as the perfect bohemian antidote. All in all, the collection was revolutionary in it’s simplicity, for it gave sophisticated, purposeful women the sartorial fulfillment they had long been missing.


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