Get Up and MOVE!



Recently, both my mom and I committed to 100 days of exercise. One. Hundred. Days. For someone whose been noticeably lax in the fitness department for the past few months, this challenge is both motivating and little bit terrifying.

Here we are, however, and it’s already Day 7! To avoid getting bored (read: quitting) with the same old routine, I’ve been having fun mixing up my workouts. My favorites have been the Tone It UP HIIT videos– they’re quick but so hard. I’ve also gotten back into jogging a little bit. Given that my family is traveling at the moment, going out for a quick run in the a.m. has been a great way to explore our destination!

But while all the variety has certainly been entertaining, the biggest thing I’ve taken away so far is the importance of movement. If I’m having a kind of crummy day, or am just not feeling great in myself, just getting up and going for long walk or doing a quick workout video is literally the biggest mood lifter. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, I guess. After all, Elle Woods did say…


Anyways, I thought I’d just update you all on something that’s been big on my mind lately. 🙂 Before I sign off, let me ask you…what’s your favorite way to get moving?

Have a great day!


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