What I Read This Week


You see those gleeful faces above? That’s pretty much how I’m feeling right now. After a particularly stressful couple weeks, spring break has finally arrived. It used to annoy me that my school went on break in the middle of March, when it is practically still winter. This year, however, Mother Nature seems to have heard my gripes and is rewarding us with some seriously spring-like temps. Who knows how long the high-of-65° will continue, but I plan to take advantage as long as it’s here.

Love these behind-the-scenes snaps from PFW.

Looking for a new book to cozy up with? Maybe try one of these NYC-based suggestions.

I’m a Cancer sign, so naturally I love this adorable crab pattern.

I cannot get enough go Kendi’s outfit game lately.

Mom, we ordered Girl Scout cookies, right??

Tuesday (March 8) was International Women’s Day. Click here to read about what the fashion industry can do to improve the lives of female garment workers.

#ShamelessSelfPromotion…see what I’ve been Pinning!


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