When In Doubt, Customize

VSCO Cam-1

If you’re at all active on social media, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve caught a glimpse of one the past year’s biggest “It” items: the Commes des Garçons ‘PLAY’ t-shirt. Available in a myriad of styles, all emblazoned with some take on the brand’s ubiquitous heart logo, this piece continues to be grace the backs of everyone from high-flying editors to snap-happy bloggers. And while I don’t consider myself a particularly trend-driven dresser, I’ll admit that the ‘PLAY” t-shirt made my wish list. Rather than drop upwards of $100 on yet another striped t, however, I found a way to create the coveted look on my own. All it took was an old Madewell shirt, a heart-eye emoji sticker snagged during some long-forgotten excursion, a piece of Scotch tape, et voila: A cheeky, on-trend look, but for the price of yesterday’s news.

Have you ever “customized” an old piece to capture a new trend?


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