Like Sunday Morning: 5 Pancake Recipes You Have to Try



Ah, pancakes. The universal symbol of everything that is cozy, carefree, and, well, simply wonderful. Yesterday morning, my family mixed up our usual buckwheat pancake routine by trying out this oh-so-scrumptious apple and oatmeal formula. Because nothing inspires me more than a delicious meal, I subsequently spent the rest of the afternoon trolling for more indulgent pancake recipes. Through hours of hard work and dedicated, I accumulated a Pinterest history clogged with enough recipes to last me through till next year…check out five that have me especially excited below!

Love the gif above? Those babies are only two ingredients!

Chocolate chip pancakes are great. Gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes are the key to my heart.

These almond flour flapjacks look like simple, fluffy amazingness.

Coconut pancakes? I’m in.

I can’t wait to try these vegan pumpkin pancakes come fall.

What’s you favorite pancake recipe?


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