My Morning Routine

Regular readers are probably tired of my saying this, but…I’m a routine junkie. Over the past several months, especially, my regular habits have become an essential component of my daily life. It wasn’t until this past Christmas break, however, that I realized just how important my morning routine was. Even though I was free to doze until noon and stay in pajamas all day, I still went through many of the same motions I would on a school morning. The consistency helped me make the most of my time off, which made going back to school (slightly) less painful. 😉 Check out the details of my routine below!

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// Wake Up

I like to take my time getting ready in the morning, so on school days I wake up by six and hop right in the shower. If I don’t have school, I almost always up by eight. On off days I hold off on showering and immediately head downstairs.

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// Breakfast

No matter what day it is, I must make/eat breakfast. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of avo toast with eggs and fruit, but I also love blending smoothies and making oatmeal. Either way, preparing a meal is such a soothing way to start the day, and it always leaves me in a good mood.

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// Eating & Reading

I like to savor my food, so I take a while to eat my breakfast. I always read while I eat, normally a magazine, but sometimes I rotate in whatever book I’m reading. For me, reading is an amazing way to enjoy some quiet time while getting my mind active and inspired before diving into the day. If I don’t have school, I continue reading after breakfast, upstairs in my room with a mug of tea. (Side note: I used to drink tea while I made my breakfast, but I recently read that consuming caffeine after you’ve eaten will lessen its impact on your blood sugar. Just a little food for thought…)


// Getting Myself Together

After thirty, forty minutes (like I said, I take my time), I head back upstairs to finish getting ready for the day. On a school day, this means blow drying my hair, putting makeup on, etc. This process used to take me a while, but now I’ve got it down to about ten minutes.
On non-school days, if I’m planning on exercising, I wash up and put on workout gear. If not, I shower and get dressed in whatever outfit best suits my day! What that is varies greatly: Sometimes it’s a leather skirt, most of the time other times it’s leggings or jeans and a casual sweater.

…And there you have it: a morning in the life of me. Even though the specifics vary, the bare bones stays very much the same, and I love it. I go through the same steps every morning, and I fall asleep excited to do them all again. Having this routine helps me stay grounded during slow times, and offers me a source of comfort when things are stressful. I truly do not know what my days would look like without it.

Looking for a New Year’s project? Why not try establishing your own morning routine? Pick a few practices, like meditating for five minutes after waking up or walking the dog after breakfast (or both!), and try sticking to them for a week. After seven days, you might find that those rituals totally change the nature of the rest of your day. And, if they don’t work, edit! The great thing about routines is that there is no one-size-fits-all, you simple need to find what works for you. In need of some inspo? I’m obsessed with this website, which interviews influencers across various fields about their morning rituals.

I hope you all enjoyed this peak at my morning routine. Keep your eyes pealed for a follow-up covering my evening routine in the coming weeks!


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